(1) Pupils must be inside the school ten minutes before the first bell 8.55 a.m .fine will be imposed on late -comes labsentees.
(2) Pupils must converse only in English inside the campus.
(3) Pupils must bring the Hand Book daily to the School.
(4) Pupils should not stay away from the school without a valid leave letter which is to be submitted on the same day of their leave before 4.00 p.m., failing which they will be marked absent.
(5) The student’s name will be removed from the rolls if he / she is absent continuously or intermittently for more than six days without sanctioned leave. They may be re-admitted ,only on payment of readmitted, only on payment of re-admission fee of Rs 100/- For classes.
(6) A day’s leave will be sanctioned by the class teacher. Two to four days leave will be sanctioned by the V.P concerned. More than four days will be sanctioned by the Principal.
(7) Pupils must not wear jewels to school.
(8) Pupils must bring lunch along with them as they are not allowed to go home for this purpose.
(9) Pupils who play truant will be dismissed.
(10) Students should not leave the School during the Schools hours without a Gate pass from the Principal / V.P concerned.
(11) School property should not be damaged. Any such damage will have to be made good by the students concerned.